YPG Commander Nesrin Abdullah (left)

31/01/2016 - 23:00
Rojava Model Future Of Middle East, Says YPJ Commander Nesrin Abdullah

1 February 2016

JINHA - News Desk

Nesrin Abdullah, commander in Rojava’s Women's Protection Units (YPJ) forces, joined a local meeting in Paris. Nesrin said that the model of life being pioneered in Rojava provided the Middle East’s only exit from war and chaos.

Members of Kurdistan's diaspora held a meeting in the Villeneuve-Saint Georges area of Paris today, with YPJ commander Nesrin Abdullah attending as a speaker. The meeting began with a minute's silence for those who have died in the ongoing struggle for self-government in Kurdistan.

Nesrin pointed out that while developments continue in Rojava, the people of Northern Kurdistan (in Turkey) have begun their own resistance for self-government.

Nesrin explained that when the revolution began in Rojava, the people of the area declared cantons.

“The canton system, against all kinds of single-model and repressive mindsets, emerged as an alternative model in which different peoples, religions, women and anyone who wants freedom can live together with their own identity,” said Nesrin. “The reactionary forces that saw this character of the revolution wanted to crush the struggle for freedom by the peoples of the region as embodied in Rojava.” She described the system in Rojava as “disrupting the plans” of the powerful for the Middle East.

Nesrin called Rojava the best example of how peoples of the region—Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmens, Arabs—can live together. She called this idea of the democratic nation “the future of the Middle East,” pointing to the example of Efrîn Canton, where thousands opened their homes to those fleeing war.

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