Talal Silo, SDF Spokesperson

08/06/2017 - 09:58 0
SDF Spox Talal Silo: 'We are aiming to liberate Raqqa in a short while'

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Spokesperson Talal Silo spoke to the ANF on the multi-ethnic group's operation to liberate Islamic State (ISIS) stronghold Raqqa and said they are aware that they had launched a great battle.

“We will get results as soon as possible”

Silo said: “Our goal is the liberation of Raqqa, to liberate the people suffering under ISIS. We can’t say for sure when we will be able to do this, that will be determined by the war. But we are planning to and we want to achieve results as soon as possible.”

“Shehba and Afrin forces also involved in operation”

Silo stated that most of the factions under the SDF umbrella are present in the operation to liberate the city and that brigades, divisions and battalions had also come from Aleppo, Afrin and Shehba.

"Along with groups who are part of the SDF in Kobanê and Cizire cantons, this time there are various groups from Afrin, Aleppo, Shehba and other cantons taking part in the liberation operation. Homs, Deir ez-Zor and Manbij forces are also partaking in the liberation of the city.

Participating factions

Silo listed the groups participating in the operation to liberate Raqqa as: "YPG, YPJ, Liva Selacık, Sixur Al Reqqa, Syriac Military Council , Manbij Military Council, Deir ez-Zor Military Council, El Nuxbe forces, self defense forces, Asayish and Emin Dahili forces, Jaysh Al Suwar, Shams Al Shamal Brigade, Jabhat al Akrad, Clans Force, Mexavir Humus Brigade”

The spokesperson also stressed that apart from YPG, YPJ and Cizre Canton SDF constituents, people coming in from Aleppo and Shehba were very significant for the battle. 

He listed these forces as “Jaysh Al Suwar, Shems Al Shamal Brigade, Jabhad al Akrad, Clans Force, Mexavir Homs Brigade.”

Source: ANF

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