28/04/2017 - 14:22 0
Syrian Christian group condemns Turkish airstrikes on Rojava

The Syriac Military Council (MSF), a group within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has condemned the Turkish airstrikes that killed 18 Kurdish fighters on 25 April.

In a statement the group accused Turkey of continuing the "genocidal and anti-democratic campaigns of the Ottoman Empire."

“This attack came on the 102nd commemoration of the Syriac Assyrian, Armenian and Greek genocide ‘Sayfo,’ while Turkey is continuing the same policies against the people living in the Middle East, trying to overthrow the democratic project that our people are working together to reach a political and administrational system based on pluralism, justice, equality and

The MSF also has an all women's group, the Beth Nahrin Women Protection Forces, similar to the YPJ.