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Turkey Wants to Form a Sunni State in Syria: Kurdish Defence Council Head

The Defence Council President of Afrin Canton in Rojava-Northern Syria Federation, Ebdo Ibrahim, has spoken to ANHA and said that Turkey aims to partition Syrian lands to create a Sunni state between Jarablus, al-Bab and Aleppo.

In the interview published below Ibrahim makes striking assessments about recent developments in the Aleppo and Shahba region.

How do you evaluate the military developments in Afrin, Shahba and Aleppo?

Contradictions are still continuing between armed groups in the sixth year of the Syrian crisis, leading to the growth of the crisis. The international powers that say they are trying to solve the crisis in Syria are deepening the crisis even more. This situation especially applies for the Shahba region as well.

At the start of the Martyr Faysal Abu Leyla Manbij Liberation Campaign, the Turkey-supported Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Nour al–Din al–Zenki and the Fatah Halab Operations Roomgangs positioned around Aleppo have directed themselves to Shahba in order to support Daesh gangs and intensify the attacks on Rojava.

When the plans of the Turkish state failed, the region was directly intervened on. After fighters of the Manbij Military Council liberated Manbij, the Turkish state occupied Jarablus. Now [Turkish state] they continue on occupying al-Bab and Aleppo. Some groups in Azaz are fulfilling the orders of the Turkish state.

Turkey occupied Jarablus within two hours, they carried out the crossing of Daesh gangs by dressing them up with the clothing of al-Nusra gangs. At this point, NATO in particular and international powers need to ask themselves this question: How did Turkey persuade the al-Nusra gangs to withdraw from Aleppo? Heavy fighting where civilians are being targeted is taking place in eastern Aleppo districts. Why is there heavy fighting in these areas in particular? What is the geo-politic value of these areas?

Whoever wins in Aleppo will win in Syria in general. So if the regime wins in Aleppo, they will be the ones to win in the Syrian crisis. There have been settlements between the regime and armed groups in many areas of Syria such as Damascus, Daraa and al-Waer, why shouldn’t it happen in Aleppo too?

Aleppo holds strategic importance for Turkey as well. At the same time it has the speciality of being an economical and financial centre. For this reason Turkey wants to re-live its Ottoman period by occupying this region. Turkey uses Syria’s citizens as bargaining material as a threat against EU in its own lands. However, unfortunately the people of Syria lives unaware of the truth of Turkey.

The regime and Turkey met in Damascus with the coordination of Iran. The regime seized Aleppo, Turkey occupied Jarablus therefore the agreements between both sides have been terminated. This is because Turkey was afraid of the Syrian Democratic Forces liberating the al-Bab region and so leading to the liberation of the Afrin and Kobane route.

YPG forces have made it possible to cross over six thousand civilians from eastern Aleppo to Sheikh Maqsoud district. What impacts could this number have on the social and security issues of Sheikh Maqsoud as the district is still under siege?

A situation like this has also happened in Afrin. The Afrin Canton had received thousands of Syrian migrants and a different camp was made for the migrants due to security measures. But despite the denseness present in Sheikh Maqsoud, the increase of the population will create negative effects. This is because the district is still under siege. On the other hand the attacks against the district continues. Despite this, district residents and defense forces have received the migrants.

Some news sources say that there are partitioning between gang groups in eastern Aleppo, what do you think is the reason for this?

The regime’s intense attacks and advancement on districts in eastern Aleppo and Turkey’s distancing from their own gangs have led to the partitioning between gang groups. Many gang members have dropped their arms and fled amongst the civilian population. Gangs opt for this method as they know that they will be arrested if they flee to Turkey.

How do you evaluate the Iran visit by MIT (Turkish Intelligence) undersecretary Hakan Fidan and the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu?

This is not a new situation. After the downing of the Russian warplane Turkey had already apologised to Russia. Turkey gives support to the government in South Kurdistan. The visit to Iran takes place at a time when attacks against Rojava are increasing. Recently Turkey has asked for help against attacks on Medya Defense Positions [PKK-controlled areas].

Today the al-Bab Military Council are carrying out great resistance against the SNC [Syrian National Coalition] gangs. The SNC withdrew its gangs in Jarablus and handed it over to the occupying Turkish army. The al-Bab Military Council did not allow Turkey to occupy the Shahba region. The resistance of the al-Bab Military Council shows that if the people of the region are unified then they can stand against Turkish occupation.

Turkey wants to partition the north of Syria and form a Sunni state through Jarablus, al-Bab, and Aleppo-Idlib route. However, the SDF forces will not allow this to take place.

Interview by: Seydo Ibo, Cafer Cafo, Aylina Kilic

Source: ANHA